Types of Glass

Plate Glass – A thick fine-quality glass, typical use is for shop windows and doors.

Float Glass – This is a plate glass made by allowing it to solidify on a layer of molten metal. You have a choice of clear, non-reflective and patterned.

In thicknesses:

  • 2mm – Perfect for picture frames in a non-reflective glass
  • 3mm
  • 4mm
  • 6mm

Toughened Glass – Or Tempered is a type of safety glass which is treated either with chemicals or is heated to make a glass around four times stronger than ordinary untreated glass.

Laminated Glass – Another Safety glass which is made up of an inter-layer so that when broken the glass will not shatter.

Horticultural Glass – Including Dutch-light, the best use for this 3mm thick glass is for greenhouses. Don’t forget to grab some greenhouse clips while your in store.

Mirror – We can provide ordinary mirror in 4mm, 6mm, and a safety glass in 4mm.


Bullions (Bulls Eyes) – Clear bullions in sizes from 10″ X 8″ up to 16″ X 14 ½”

Louvres Blades – Replacement blades for your glass window blinds/shutters.

Putty – Used to install  glass in to either metal or wooden frames. Available in teak and natural colours, straight from a tub or silicone tube.

Glass Cutting

Get all of your glass and mirror cut to the size you need by our professional staff. Toughened glass can not be cut in store however if you place a toughened glass order with us we aim to have it cut, tempered and delivered to you with-in 7-10 working days.

We can also cut your own glass if you bring it into the shop, this will however be at your own risk as glass ages it can become brittle and there is a small chance it may break.

Or you can simply buy a glass cutter from us and have a crack at it yourself, although it is a bit of a pane!!


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