We have countless brushes in store for all occasions from sizes as small as ½” up to a whopping 6″. We have soft and hard bristles, synthetic and pure, we also range from cheaper brushes to professional quality brushes. You can even get special brushes for painting your shed/fences or odd-spot brushes to get to those just out of reach awkward areas.

Knives/Painting Tools

  • Putty knives 
  • Filling knives – lots of sizes/types, and different qualities available
  • Paint guards
  • Paint removing tools/Strippers/Scrappers – multi purpose, long handle, triangular shavehooks and many more options.

Paint Rollers

Our roller sleeves come in two diameters 1½” and 1¾” and in four lengths 4″ 7″ 9″ 12″ and you will find a tray of the right size to match a roller.

If you are painting with gloss or eggshell paint you’re better off using either foam or mohair rollers. Using emulsion paint then try using synthetic or lambs wool rollers.

There are four thicknesses of rollers short/medium/long/extra long pile, the shorter (thinner) rollers are better for covering smooth surfaces and hence the longer (thicker) rollers are designed to get a better coverage of rougher more uneven surfaces.


Check out Ciret’s website for some more in depth product details and technical information on all decorating products.

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